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Transportation Information

Need Help Finding a Bus Route?

Use this page to help you find out which bus your child should ride.

Bus Safety Expectations

Transportation Procedures

From page 6 of the Mill Creek Elementary Student Handbook

***If there are any changes in a child’s regular transportation routine, we must have a note from the parent/guardian approving the change.


Morning Drop-off Options
In addition to sending your child on the school bus, we provide three other ways to drop your child off at school:
(1) You can go through the car drop off line where staff members will open the car door for your child and help them on their way in a safe manner.
(2) You may park your car in the parking lot in front of the cafeteria and walk your child into school. Please remember this is not the time to have a teacher/ parent meeting, as our teachers are on duty during this time. If there are issues with this, the administration can restrict the parent from going to the child’s classroom in the mornings.
(3) After 7:35 am, you may drive to the bus area, park your car along the sidewalk, and then escort your child to the front door of the school. The bus area is not a drop off area. Students must be walked inside the building if you use the bus parking area. Special transportation buses will continue to bring students to school after 7:35 and will need to drop off in the bus area. Use the front entrance only to enter the building.
These are safety procedures put in place for the safety of everyone.

Afternoon Pick-up Options
For your child’s safety, it is necessary that we know how students get home each afternoon. Teachers will keep a roster of each student’s usual way afternoon transportation. If different arrangements are needed, please make them in the mornings before sending your child to school. For the safety of your children, we do not accept transportation changes (this includes bus changes) over the phone except in an emergency. This means your child needs a signed note indicating how your child will be getting home. If a signed note is not provided, the student will go home how the usual way. Notes can be sent to homeroom teachers, emailed to or faxed to 912-212-8799.
We need your cooperation to provide a safe and efficient method of pick-up for car riders in the afternoon. We use two lanes of traffic for the car pick up line. For safety reasons, our staff escorts each child to his/her car. Parents are not permitted to walk up to retrieve their children. Parents must stay in their vehicles and drive through the car line. Students will wait inside the cafeteria. Be sure your child understands that he is to listen and cooperate with monitors during pick up.
Each family will be assigned a pick up number and will receive two MCES car tags. Please make sure that you have your car pickup number displayed each and every day. This number coincides with the number that has been assigned to your child(ren). Each student will have a car rider card that matches the number on the parent’s car tag. Display the number on the mirror when you are in the pick-up line. If it is not visible in the car or the parent does not have it with them the adult picking up the child will need to pull to the parking lot, get out of the car and show their driver’s license to the front office. The car rider process will not be stopped to take students to their parents or guardians. The adult will need to wait in the front office area until the cars in the car line have picked up all children and then remaining children will be taken to the front office.
Please do NOT park in the car pick up line or in places in the parking lot that are not designated as parking spaces. No early dismissals will be issued after 1:50. If you arrive to pick up your child after 1:50, you will be directed to return to your vehicle and join the car rider pick up line. School dismissal begins at 2:15.

Students who walk home will be escorted by staff to the edge of campus. They are to go directly home.

Transportation Changes

From the Bulloch County Student Handbook, page 19.

If a student needs to make a transportation change, he/she must present a written request signed by the parent to the office, and the office must approve it before the change is made. This will apply whether the transportation is by car or by school bus.