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awards on table
Support staff of the year
support staff of the year
paraprofessional of the year
paraprofessional of the year
teacher of the year
teacher of the year
scholastic achievement award
scholastic achievement award
Averitt Center Art Award
student receives art award
Courage and Character Award
student receives award
Push-up Award
student receives award
AJ Scott Award
teacher receives award for class
Curl-up Award
5 students receive award for must curlups

Honor's Night 2019

Thank you PTO Officers and Parent Volunteers

A Huge Thank You to our PTO Officers and Parent Volunteers.  You do so much for us!

  Pto officersParent Volunteers
Spelling Bee Winners

                    spelling bee winner 1        spelling bee winner 2 

Young Georgia Authors Winners

Young GA Authors

Technology Fair Winners

tech fair winners

Perfect Attendance for the Year

   perfect attendance 1 perfect attendance 2

AR Top Point Earners in each grade

 AR Top Point earners          School Top Point Earner

                                                                                                                          Roan Houser - Overall Top Point Earner

Math League

math league 1math league 2math league 3

                                                      3rd and 4th grade                                                                    5th grade

Math Teams

3rd grade math team4th grade math team5th grade math team

                    3rd grade team                                       4th grade team                                    5th grade team

3rd grade Yearly Honor Roll

3rd grade honor roll 13rd grade honor roll3rd grade honor roll 33rd grade honor roll 4

4th grade yearly honor roll

4th grade honor roll 14th grade honor roll 14th grade honor roll 34th grade honor roll 4

5th grade Yearly Honor Roll

5th grade honor roll 1 5th grade honor roll 2 5th grade honor roll 3

Yearly Principal's honor roll

3rd grade principals honor roll4th grade principals honor roll5th grade principals honor roll

President's award for Educational Excellence

Presidential award 1president award 2president award 3