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Teachers in school spirit shirts
Office Staff
together to launch leadership
Nurse Rhodes
teachers in mc shirt
teachers launching leadership
First grade
teachers and paras together
2nd grade
Working to launch leaders
3rd grade teachers
3rd grade teachers
4th grade
We love our 4th grade leaders
5th grade
The final leaders
Media and Counseling    (Photo 2019)
Leading our future
Connection Teachers
We launch leaders every day!
Special Education Teachers
SpEd Teachers are MASKED up!


Email 1 Jennifer Wade, Principal
Email 2 Sandra Kirby, Assistant Principal
Email 3 Debra Minick, Assistant Principal
Office Staff
Email 4 Kelshaunda Wallace Johnson, Secretary
 Email 19  Fran Polk, Parent Liaison
Email 6Beth Shafer, Book-keeper
Email 7Tynisha GainesData Clerk
 Email 7Nicole Rhodes, Nurse
Email 9  Chauncey Tabor, Teacher       
Email 10  Christina Papanastasiou, Teacher
Email 10 Janisha Raymond, Para to Jordan
Email 12 Brittany Wooden, Para to Papanastasiou


Email 14 Michelle BowenTeacher
Email 14 Carol Deal, Teacher
Email 14 Donna Jarrett, Teacher
Email 16 Ashley Jennings, Teacher
Email 18  Valerie Padgett, Teacher
Email 19 Christie Riner, Teacher
Email 19 Magerrika Butts Jenkins, Paraprofessional

Email 19 Kim Fowler, Paraprofessional 

Email 20 Mary Jacobs, Paraprofessional 
Email 21 Cindy Miller, Paraprofessional 
Email 25 Gwen Williams, Paraprofessional
First Grade
Email 26 Stacy Frost, Teacher
Email 26 Jamie Lanier, Teacher
 Email 19 Chalisa Moore, Teacher
Email 19 Jennifer Turner, Teacher
Email 30 Rosanna Ward, Teacher
Email 32 Ron Betton, Paraprofessional
Email 33 Lacey Nessmith, Paraprofessional
Email 19 Liz Tremble, Paraprofessional
Email 35 Pam Upchurch, Paraprofessional


Second Grade
Email 41 Hannah Howard, Teacher
Email 43 Crystal Mock, Teacher
Email 44 Angela Monahan, Teacher
Email 46 Brittany Seeloff, Teacher


Third Grade
Email 50 Katina Archie, Teacher
Email 53 Leslie Braun, Teacher
Email 54 Traci Hart, Teacher
Email 55 Melanie Holloway, Teacher


Fourth Grade
Email 19 Meagan Beasley, Teacher
Email 61 Elise DiPalma Gottleib, Teacher
Email 19 Justin Griffith, Teacher
Email 63 Naketris Hall, Teacher
Email 65 Stephanie Williams, Teacher
Email 65 Chartavious Danzy, Paraprofessional


Fifth Grade
Email 72 Jontia Grace, Teacher
Email 74 Stephanie Joyner, Teacher
Email 75 Gail Mizelle, Teacher
Email 65 Portia Mosley, Teacher


Special Area Teachers
  Name Special Area
Email 80 Joni Aycock Media Specialist
Email 80 Kelli Balding Special Education
Email 81 Rachel Beasley (K - 2) EIP
Email 81 Jill Beaubien (K - 3) EIP
Email 83 Dawn Beck Counselor
 Email 84 Chris Bishop Physical Education
Email 85 Erin Burton Speech Therapist
Email 86 Sherri Cribbs Gifted
Email 87 Jan Cross-Igwe (2 - 5) EIP
 Email 89 Kristina Flake Special Education
 Email 91 Sherri Cannady SpEd Supervisor
Email 80 Susan Kirkland Special Education
Email 92 Jessica Landing Special Education
Email 93 Sonya Lanier Special Education
 Email 94 Chasity McNeal Occupational Therapist
 Email 95 Lisa Ponder Music
 Email 97 Ashlee Redding Psychologist
Email 97 Alethea Rhodes 3 - 5 EIP
 Email 98 Paige Rountree STEM Lab
Email 99 Jacquelyn Sellers Special Education
Email 100 Tara Ward ESOL
 Email 101 Judy Ware Art
Support Staff
  Name Area Supported
Email 110 Debra Betton Custodian
Email 111 Monica Bishop Paraprofessional - Cross/Beaubien
Email 110 Robin Chester Paraprofessional - S. Lanier
 Email 112 Regina Eason Reading Lounge
Email 115 Stephanie Hines Head Custodian
Email 116 Linda Henry Lunchroom
Email 118 Nichol Huff Paraprofessional - Interventions/PE
Email 118 Evonne Kirkland Assistant Manager Lunchroom
  Triberumn Lee Custodian
Email 120 Grace McCullough Manager Lunchroom
Email 121 Melinda Meduri Opportunity Room
Email 110 Margaret O'Quinn Lunchroom Cashier
 Email 124 Frances Parker Custodian
Email 126 Pam Scott Technology Liaison