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Attendance Policy

attendance and Timeliness

From page 2 of the Mill Creek Student Handbook:


The Bulloch County School System has an attendance policy which will be strictly enforced. You will receive a packet of information outlining all procedures. Perfect attendance is defined as no absences, tardies or early dismissals. School begins promptly at 7:50 am. If your child is absent or tardy, he/she is missing valuable instructional time. After five absences a doctor’s excuse is needed for an absence to be excused. If your child is absent, send a signed, written parent note about your child’s absence(s) or a note from a medical professional within five school days of your child’s return to school. No Early Dismissals will be issued after 1:50 pm. Several grade levels are in transition at 2:00 and are preparing for dismissal at 2:15. Early dismissals will not be allowed during assemblies. Students may be dismissed before or after the assembly. Children can begin to suffer academically if they miss just 10 % of school days which is equal to about one day every two weeks. Together, let’s ensure your child succeeds in school. Every day does count.